A Rood Awakening is a ministry dedicated to seeking biblical truths in their purest form, by adopting a Hebrew mindset. A leading force in the Hebrew Roots Movement, A Rood Awakening has been taking believers on a journey to discover the origins of Bible-based religions for over a decade.

Centuries after the resurrection of the Messiah, many believers have found themselves in desperate need of returning to the Scriptures to see them as our righteous ancestors did, free from harmful traditions passed down over generations, void of erroneous translations, and full of the life-giving truths we need in order to have a relationship with Our Creator. To get back to this purer relationship and understanding of the Scriptures, A Rood Awakening has delved into the “Old” and “New” Testaments to unveil long-forgotten information and clear up misunderstandings in the text through the adoption of a Hebrew mindset, helping believers better understand the actions of the Messiah, the intentions of The Almighty, and the faith of the disciples.

As one of the biggest names in the Hebrew Roots Movement, A Rood Awakening has had the privilege of guiding hundreds of thousands of believers in their quest to better understand the Scriptures. By returning to living with an emphasis on the Torah, as our Hebrew forefathers did, this ministry has revitalized the spiritual relationships of its followers and brought them back to the knowledge The Almighty entrusted to them, free of the pagan customs that have accumulated in our modern churches. A Rood Awakening invites everyone to join in on this return to understanding the Scriptures as they were meant to be understood, and discovering what it means to live a Torah-filled life the way the Messiah did.

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    The Hebrew Roots Movement is an attempt to return to the true teachings of the Scriptures through an understanding of Hebrew concepts. Proponents of the movement believe that modern churches have deviated from the biblical truths practiced and preached by the Messiah and instead adopted customs steeped in pagan origins.

    The Hebrew Roots Movement is an invitation to revisit the Torah, the instructions given to Moses by The Almighty and obediently observed by the Messiah, to discover the Bible’s true message and find out how God intended for His people to live. This includes the observance of the Feasts of the LORD detailed in Leviticus, the observance of the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week, following “Old Testament” dietary laws, and clearing out the pagan practices that have been passed down over generations (such as Christmas and Easter).

    By adopting a Hebrew mindset, believers have discovered that the Messiah, referred to as Yeshua instead of his Greek nickname “Jesus,” did not come to do away with the Old Testament, but rather to fulfill and renew it, keeping intact the covenant The Almighty made with his people long ago. This is one of the greatest revelations of the Hebrew Roots Movement, that Yeshua lived a completely Torah-observant life, and that the only rules he was “guilty” of breaking were man-made and not biblical. The Hebrew perspective makes it clear that the Messiah fulfilled prophecy and reinforced the Torah, so that future generations would follow his example and live in a way that is pleasing to the Almighty.

    Hebrew Roots advocates maintain that a proper understanding of the Torah clears up the confusion many people encounter when reading the New Testament, as many of the apparent contradictions in the New Testament can be explained through a Hebrew perspective.

    The Hebrew Roots Movement recognizes that anyone can be grafted in to the house of Israel, regardless of ethnicity. Whether a person is born Jew or Gentile has no bearing on his admittance into God’s kingdom.

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